Fishing Picture Advice - Taking Quality Fishing Pictures

Fishing Pictures

For the ideal fishing picture there are several things to keep in mind. First it is a recording of a catch you are proud of and you may not get a chance to re-take the picture. Commit a few extra moments to make it a great fishing picture.

Lighting - Make sure there is plenty of light. Too many fishing pictures are taken at the end of a fishing day with only the cameras flash as a light source. Get plenty of light on the subject.

Dolphin fish picture freshwater fish Coho - salmon Shark

The Fish Comes First

Feature the fish first, then the angler. Hold the fish so your hands and arms don't block the view of the fish. The best fishing photos feature the fish!

You can add an interest to the fishing picture if you add related items to the picture, here are a few examples. If it is a fly fishing photo, add the fly the fish was caught on and show the fly reel and rod handle in the picture. If you are ice fishing, show the hole in the ice next to the fish. Show saltwater or freshwater lures in the fishing picture when possible. For deep sea pictures, include parts of the boat in the background. These elements add interest and perspective to your fishing picture.

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