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When fly fishing casting is very important, and learning to do it right the first time will save you much heartache in the end. Bad habits are hard to break, so best not start any. This section gives resource to the basic instructions of fly casting. There are many sites that are available to you here. And the best part is most of them offer free instruction articles. Some offer dvd or video how-to's on the many different types of fly casts. There is a lot to learn if one wants to master the art of fly fishing and proper fly casting is where it all starts. You can't catch any fish if your fly isn't in the water.

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  • Lets Fly Fish Provides fly fishing information and unique fly casting tuition videos. On line fish weight calculator. Salmon and trout fishing trips in Scotland.
  • Fly Fishing Instructor Professional fly casting and fly fishing instructor. Learn roll casts, overhead and double hauling. Still waters, reservoirs and rivers in the Lancashire and Greater Manchester regions.